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How Duke Street Market increased tips by 200%

Duke Street in-venue solution

Duke Street Market presents an impressive food venue & social hub, spanning two floors and hosting six different food traders, a restaurant and two bars. Serving up some of Liverpool’s very best dishes from its varied vendors, it is no surprise that the venue claimed the title of ‘Best New Tourist Attraction’ at recent tourism awards. We speak to General Manager, Lee Bannon-Smith, about how Peazi has helped the popular venue to adapt to new restrictions. 

200 %
increase in tips - in one month
100 %
of orders were placed through Peazi

What was the problem to solve?

For guests, a key part of the food market experience is walking around the venue, browsing the different vendors to see (and smell!) what each delicious kitchen has to offer.

However, the introduction of social distancing measures makes this unworkable, as guests instead have to remain seated at their tables. These new regulations also mean that ordering and paying at the food kiosks, and vertical drinking at the popular bars, are no longer viable.

Consequently, Duke Street Market needed a way to adapt their operations to abide to these new rules, whilst still providing guests with that special, social feel the market is loved for.

What was the problem to solve?
What were the unique challenges?

What were the unique challenges?

Unlike a typical restaurant setting where a group of people choose from one menu, visitors to Duke Street Market have multiple menus to choose from, resulting in a number of separate transactions being placed and food being delivered from multiple kitchens. 

It was therefore critical to implement a cashless solution which enabled customers of any party size to make informed decisions on where to purchase their food, but importantly this had to be done from their seats, as they could no longer stop by the kiosks to window shop.

The solution needed to allow customers to peruse multiple contactless menus and pay for orders directly from their phones. All orders then needed to be distributed to the relevant dispense areas with the minimum amount of server intervention, in the shortest amount of time.

How did Peazi help?

Peazi underwent some bespoke development to match these requirements and also had some additional tailoring to add value to the team.

The final solution allows customers to scan a QR code at their table, enabling guests to instantly view the menus for each different vendor and bar on their phone.

Guests can then place their orders at one or multiple kitchens, and pay in seconds using either card, ApplePay or Google Pay. We recognised that the move to cashless payments could lead to a decline in tips, and therefore we ensured that a simple tipping feature was added at checkout, giving guests the option to easily add a tip via the percentage choices of 5, 10 or 15 %. 

Once orders have been placed, these go straight to the designated bar or kitchen to print off, meaning chefs can get cracking on the orders right away. With orders going directly to the chosen kitchens, it allows the ordering process to be fast and streamlined, whilst reducing the room for error.

How did Peazi help?
What were the results?

What were the results?

  • 100% of orders were placed through Peazi
  • Peazi’s simple tipping feature at checkout led to an impressive 200% increase in tips- in one month, staff earned an extra weeks wages in tips alone.
  • Duke Street Market saw significant savings in labour costs. Individual kitchens no longer needed a designated member of staff to take orders at their kiosks, and general waiting staff were not needed to take drinks orders throughout the venue. Instead, guests order at their own pace, meaning staff could focus on perfectly prepping and delivering orders.
  • The venue also used Peazi to provide a Click & Collect service, which proved especially useful during lockdown. This allowed Duke Street Market to continue to operate under tight restrictions, and importantly do so in the most cost-effective way possible. Compared to market leaders, the site made significant savings on fees by independatly offering this service.

Peazi has allowed our business to adapt to the current restrictions with ease and fluidity, and our guests are very impressed by how easy to navigate Peazi is. It has allowed us to work with tighter staffing levels and made the service to the guest much more efficient. The app is super adaptable and manageable in house and can be kept up to date very easily. Peazi is a great success and a tool we will be continuing to use when we can return to normal trading.

Lee Bannon-Smith, General Manager

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The power is in your hands

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